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SCENT WIND is a family business, which has been sustainably developed with the care of generations that produce grow natural roses to make the best quality rose oil and rose water. Our factory was founded in 2018 in Senir, Rose Province, Isparta. This region is famous for its incredibly beautiful nature and is the motherland of rose in Turkey. We updated our manufacturing capacity thanks to the huge investment to produce the best quality rose oil, rose concretes, rose water and many other rose based raw products.

We maintain and take care of thousands of squaremeter of rose plantations. The factory holds about 400 m2 area. Our manufacturing capacity allows us to process 400 tons of rose flowers per year. We regularly have about 50-60 kg of rose oil, 60-70 kg of PEA (phenylethyl alcohol), 500-550 kg of rose concrete and 20 tons of rose water in stock. However, this is not the limit. Our team consists of qualified botanists and specialists in the production and processing of aroma sources, and we strive to grow more and go further.

Our products are made out of 100% natural sources and have the highest quality, as evidenced by the feedbacks from our partners in the production of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. In addition, we strive to conduct business with strict observance of ethical standards and principles of social responsibility and responsibility towards nature.
Why work with us?
Our goal is to make people happy without harming the environment.
We use 100% natural sources, which results in the highest quality of our our essential oils.
We are an enterprise with a high environmental responsibility. We try to do everything in order not to harm the environment.
We have a humble operational international team in many cities around the world, which allows us to resolve any issues of our customers in the shortest period of time.
Our team consists of experienced scientists who create the purest products.
Our international staff allows us to carry out the contracts on time. Working with us you can be sure that you are in good hands.
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